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Cover Story: Rangan Chatterjee – Health food stores are a vital resource for GPs

Are people patients or customers? Or both? Viridian MD Cheryl Thallon argues the case for a closer relationship between health food stores and the NHS.

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Retail Services: How training raised my game

Health store customer adviser Sashka Bown is better equipped and has an award to her name after studying for her HFI diploma.

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Viewpoint – Irish independents have their say

For the first time, Irish independent retailers have been given an opportunity to ‘make some noise’ about their achievements and put themselves forward for special recognition.

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Retail Insight: The store of the future

Physical retail – face-to-face interaction with customers in stores – will continue to dominate retail sales for years to come, says Nick East, CEO of retail edge software firm Zynstra.

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Retail Insight – Rota revolution

The retail sector is in the middle of a revolution powered by digital technology. In today’s landscape, retail businesses need to be fast, efficient and agile in every department, so increasingly they are turning to smart tech solutions to achieve this in their everyday operations.

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Retail Services – Cashless society

Retail is far from dead but living on depends on providing customer convenience, says Andrew Byrne, COO of myPOS Europe

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Online & Social Media – Is technology clouding your vision?

Retailers are not using technology as effectively as they could be and in some cases it is actually having a detrimental effect on their business, according to a report from Searchlight Consulting.

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Online & Social Media – GDPR and you: Don't panic Mr Mainwaring!

Rather than see privacy as a stumbling block to forging ahead, retailers should see it as an opportunity to innovate, says Dele Atanda, CEO and founder of MetaMe

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Online & Social Media – 5 benefits of social media marketing

Whether you have an online shop or not, social media is increasingly a valuable tool in your marketing armoury, says Matt Windsor, Digital Marketing Executive at Khaos Control Solutions Ltd.

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Increase Gross Margin – Do you really have stock control?

Often when we talk about improving profitability for retailers, we talk about getting more customers, increasing sales and therefore improving our gross margin. However, actively managing your stock is a powerful way to make significant improvements to your overall cash flow and business performance.

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Quickfire marketing – Five ways to make your shop a destination store

Steve Hasler fires ideas bullets in his regular 'Try This' column

Positioning a retail business as a destination store requires careful planning.

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Editorial – Working with the NHS?

Two highly respected GPs have had similar things to say in this magazine about the role of health food shops in community healthcare.

Last issue, Dr Rupy Aujla, an adviser to the Royal College of General Practitioners, rallied store owners to help elevate culinary medicine among medical professionals.

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