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Magazine Articles – Winter 2016

Cover Story: Cliff Moss

5 pledges you should make for 2017

There’s no doubt 2016 has been one of those years to make us sit up and take note. From a political perspective, it has been somewhat tumultuous, both in the UK and overseas. Yet the UK retail sector, and the retail sales index in particular, has been more resistant to the immediate and catastrophic impact that economists warned of prior to June’s referendum.

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Business Development – Guerrilla attack: the pop-up route to increased sales

Some health food retailers, especially those with cafés, increase their sales by operating pop-ups. We look at two examples that may inspire lateral thinking to grow your business.

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Sales & Marketing – The organic opportunity

The Soil Association’s biggest annual celebration of organic, Organic September, reached nearly 30 million people through its digital channels.

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Retail Services – Card sharp: the future of payment technology in retail

In days gone by, paying for a cup of coffee with a quick scan of your retina would seem like the stuff of science fiction. But that’s exactly the kind of innovation that’s starting to emerge from the world of payment technology.

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Retail Technology – Technology is your friend

The Retail IT annual conference explored the opportunities in e-receipts, mobile POS and social media campaigns.

The theme ‘How growing retailers can harness technology to compete with Amazon’ seemed an obvious source for Better Retailing to explore valuable pointers for independent retailers in a technological age.

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Retail Services – Transaction disputes

Chargebacks can be extremely costly to businesses if they are selling services or products online.

The cost to businesses is twofold, both in the monetary sense and damaging to their reputation with the customer and card processors.

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Sales & Marketing – The high-tech high street

The Barclays New Retail Reality report reveals that shoppers are surprisingly optimistic about the future of British retail post-Brexit. They want more independent stores on the high street and they want more in-store technologies to help them choose their purchases.

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Online & Social Media – Go compare for VMS

Independents can have a voice on a new price comparison site that is being set up for health food and supplements

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Quickfire marketing – Working with your suppliers

Steve Hasler fires bullets in our new 'Try This' column

Most independent retailers are acting as resellers for manufacturers, and depending on your relationship with these manufacturers – even if this relationship is via a distributor – you should be able to call upon their support for marketing. You are, after all, selling their products!

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Market Intel – Weight management, obesity and diabetes

Includes: The Opportunity for Health Stores

Recap: Diabetes is a condition that causes a person's blood sugar to become too high.

Type 1 Diabetes can develop at any age, but often begins in childhood. It is not related to diet or lifestyle.

Type 2 is far more common than type 1, but is still rare in childhood. It is usually seen in adults and is often associated with obesity.

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Market Intel – Stress, anxiety, fatigue, energy

Includes: What to Sell - The Evidence

A new report has revealed that one in four employees have taken time off work in the last year due to stress-related problems.

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