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Increase Gross Margin - Keep It Personal

We continue our series on active selling with a look at how to get your team on board

In the last issue, we looked at what exactly active selling is, the pros and cons, and what products it can work best on. When it comes to encouraging your team members to engage in active selling, it’s not quite as straightforward as ‘go sell”: colleagues need to be engaged and ‘buy in’ to a culture change. Product is just one part of the package. People is the second part. So how do you engage your employees to not only increase sales but also keep it personal?

What your customers want

Value, Product range and knowledge are three of the key drivers that consumers look for when making a purchase in independent health food stores.

Value Keep it comparable with competitors. A good mix of both value & premium products with promotional activity.

Product range What we as independent health store retailers offer is much superior to what our large counterparts can even hope to offer.

Knowledge A key win for independent health food retailers. It’s our life, our business and our passion. We just have to demonstrate our knowledge to our customers.

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