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Autumn 2015

Running an online store: what you need to know

Part two of our series on developing an online storen answers commonly-asked questions about the costs involved, and the rules and regulations of selling online

Research shows that surprisingly few online stores make a profit; it is all too easy to invest an enormous amount of effort into putting together an online store, and spend a huge amount of money, and yet fail to see any real online revenue return.

The online world, like the high street, is now saturated with multiple retailers who spend a fortune to stay ahead of technological advances. They drive the best results from search engine optimisation (SEO) and continually improve their user experience.

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Summer 2015

Build a website for your business

BRM Editor Siobhan Godwood explains the basics of building a website for your business

If you don’t already have an online arm to your retailing business, there are several questions you may be asking yourself: the main two being ‘why should I?’ and ‘how do I start?’. In this introduction to taking your business online, we answer these questions, and explain some of the more commonly-used jargon and technical terms.

Why you should get online
Retailers can’t sensibly ignore the lack of growth through their shop door while online selling rages ever upwards.

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Spring 2015

Get Social Media right every time

Social media is a brave new world for small businesses, and can make a big difference when it comes to attracting new customers and engaging with your existing ones. But it’s easier than you think to get it wrong. Here, Tabitha Fox explains how to avoid the most common social media mistakes.

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Winter 2014

Want to find more customers, improve efficiency and cut costs? Get your head in the cloud, says Eric Mason.

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Autumn 2014

Time to get dominant: Everyone wants to be listed at the top of Google. But what about dominating the whole first page of search results? Steve Mills reckons that’s quite feasible.

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Summer 2014

High Ranking: How can you double your website traffic without a budget? Steve Mills, known as the Prudent Marketer, has got the T-shirt.

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Spring 2014

How to overcome ‘Showrooming’: the final part in the series on multichannel marketing

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