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Better Retailing Awards 2013 - Runners Up

2nd Place: Green Ginger, High Street, Corsham

Our Shopper Reports:

Green Ginger is on a small, cobbled, pedestrian area in a historic market town. The buildings are old and very ‘Cotswolds’. The store sits comfortably among the other shops. The woman I spoke with immediately gave me 'entry level' advice and then went into greater depth. She checked what prescription medication or other things I might be taking in case it clashed. Definitely helped.

Service was just the right measure of personal and professional. I will be going back and definitely will recommend it to friends and family. There’s a modern, natural feel to the shop but with a traditional, 'grocery store' accent that puts it exactly right for the local community.

We were really pleased and excited to be told we had come 2nd in this award. It is nice to be acknowledged for something we place great emphasis on, good customer service.

- Stu Hodgson, partner

3rd Place: The Healthy Life Co, Little Brittox, Devizes

Our Shopper Reports:

This delightful store is approached along a narrow pedestrian street where everything has only a small frontage. This gives it the look of a 'proper, old-fashioned' shop. They have, during the summer, a small ice-cream freezer on wheels outside which was quite enticing.

The service was relaxed but obviously well-informed - the woman who helped me clearly knows exactly what products the store has in stock, where they are, what they do and what goes into them. I felt in safe hands! There's a personal, 'local store' feel to it with friendly but knowledgeable service that - at least while I was there - saw a steady stream of customers coming through.

All of us at the shop are delighted to have come third in the Better Retailing Secret Shopper competition. We pride ourselves on our level of customer service and knowledge of our products.

- Justina Pettifer, owner

4th Place: Sante Health Shop and Therapy Centre, Colchester

Our Shopper Reports:

The shop is in a lovely little street in a Roman town. The feeling is of a village apothecary. Shelves are lined with intriguing products and potions, windows are pretty, and uncluttered and an alluring central carousel display add focus. On entering there's a well-lit corridor, stocked with leaflets on therapies, and it becomes clear that this is a truly holistic business.

Once inside, the well-stocked shelves are merchandised very artfully. There's a big accent on inside-out, top-to-toe health and beauty. The shop is airy, light and uncluttered and in itself promotes a sense of wellbeing. There are leaflets everywhere promoting two beautiful adjoining therapy rooms. This shop is high-end.

We are thrilled to have made fourth in the survey. We do always do our best to help our customers as much as we can. We live a very healthy lifestyle ourselves and hope Sante reflects this in the quality of the products we have and the service we give. We want people to be able to make the right health choices.

- Linda Greenslade, owner

5th Place: Health Nutz, The Mill Shopping Centre, Dublin

Our Shopper Reports:

A good balance between food, eco-household, body care and supplements. The store is everything you expect a health store to be - clean, bright and attractive. There are no New Age-style elements such as burning candles and relaxing music.

Considering the huge range of products on sale, this is not a massive shop - there is room to breathe because it is very well organised. The layout of the shop is very clear and logical, so it is easy to find what you are looking for. There are lots of promotions and information, in particular leaflets for acupuncture and different types of massage that take place in a therapy room at the back of the store.

We are extremely proud to be a runner up in the Better Retailing Secret Shopper awards. We pride ourselves on great customer service in a friendly, relaxed environment. I’m thrilled that the Secret Shopper liked our store as we have been working so hard for the last four years since we opened.

- Elaine Clifford, owner

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