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Retail Technology - Technology is your friend
Business Development - Education: the key to community success
Business Development - Does Brexit herald a golden age for natural health?
Customer Care - True value for money
Business Development - Amaranth: In with the new
Buy your shop with your pension
Consumer Protection - Are you ready for the new regime?
The EU Referendum - Are you in or out?
Wild Oats, Bristol
Organic September - Growth opportunity for independents
The Organic Opportunity
Guerrilla Attacks: The pop-up route to increased sales
Online & Technology - Build a website for your business
Online & Technology - Running an online store: what you need to know
Online & Technology - Planet alliance
Online & Technology - Boost your business on Facebook
Online & Social Media - Communicating with customers
Online & Social Media - Go compare for VMS
Smell the coffee - Organically Speaking, Hampshire
Four easy ways to maximise your store's profits
Tune in and sell - In-store radio
From the top - The Soil Association: supporting independent retailers
From the top - Probiotics International Ltd
From the top - Wessanen UK
From the top - The Soil Association: the new generation of consumers
From the top - Natures Aid co-founder Lynn Lord
Sales and Marketing - Fodder, Hereford
Sales and Marketing - Only Natural, Wexford
Sales and Marketing - Tullivers, North Yorkshire
Sales and Marketing - So you want to talk to the press
Sales and Marketing - Developing customer loyalty
Sales and Marketing - The high tech high street
Increase Gross Margin - Four steps to increase your store's profits
Increase Gross Margin - Boost your sales without alienating your customers
Increase Gross Margin - Keep it personal
Enhance Efficiency - Delivering the goods
Enhance Efficiency - Is Cash Dead?
Enhance Efficiency - Special Delivery
Enhance Efficiency - How to be trustworthy
Business Development - Nutrient Profiling
Retail Services - Transaction Disputes
Retail Services - Only Natural Store Refurbishment
Sales and Marketing - Generation Z Shoppers
Business Development - Better Together: Business Improvement Districts
Customer Care - Click and collect for independents
Online & Social Media - Keep it social
Business rates - winners and losers
Better Retailing Awards 2013
Better Retailing Awards 2013
Better Retailing Awards Winner 2014
Better Retailing Awards Runners-Up 2014
Better Retailing Awards Winner 2015
Better Retailing Awards Runners-Up 2015
Latest News
BOOM Awards entry is free to small businesses
Best in the business
Spotlight on Bristol
Health Stores Ireland names top retailers
Four weeks left for high streets to enter Great British High Street Awards
It's not too late to get involved in Organic September
Boost for HFI Protocol following GP video
It's BOOM time!
Ireland celebrates VAT victory
Packaging - advantage health stores
You've got the power
Social Prescribing presents an opportunity for health stores
Winners of the Health Stores Ireland/Better Retailing Magazine Awards announced
Supporting Ukraine
Irish independents ‘vibrant and enterprising’
Better Retailing News Archive
Promoting organic
Touchy-feely retailing
Blueprint for online success
Five factors that can damage cash flow
Who cares about plastic?
New owners, fresh vision
Vegan revolution
Probiotics and gut health
Unlocking new business
On the expansion trail
How connected are you?
Mood, stress, anxiety & depression
Natural beauty inside-out
Forward thinking
5 reasons to have a sales plan
Stock is cash, so get a grip!
What is the new normal for health food retailing?
Organic, ethical, healthy and local
What's in demand?
Retail has changed - perhaps forever
3 reasons to expand online
How to join the online revolution
What you need to sell online
Click & collect
Adapting for the future
A tale of two stores
Retailing through change
Growing profit in difficult times
Fatigue, anxiety and sleep
Small steps in online journey
Here's how
E-commerce sites compared
Your guide to Facebook shops
An arsenal of products to fight inflammation
Keeping ahead of the innovation curve
Socially savvy
Two lockdowns, fighting spirit, and an unexpected hand-grenade
Food for thought
Latest natural retail insights and trends
UK Organic market hits highest growth level in 15 years
Vegan is cheaper
Beauty products see recovery
Natural retail insights and trends archive
It's getting healthier, say analysts
View from the High Street - how owners see their future
UK to see growing demand for natural and local beauty products
Independents shine in organic success
Plastic packaging - small steps in a big problem
One in 12 parents are raising their children vegan
Healthy means natural says GlobalData
Is worker health the answer to the ‘productivity puzzle’?
Healthier products are consumers’ priority
Shoppers question what's natural
Food flavours for balance and harmony
Delay in coeliac disease diagnosis risks neurological damage
Serious about plastics waste
Digestive health tops the nutraceutical agenda
Food companies ‘need to create a protein buzz’
Keep it simple, say Millennials
GDPR deadline looms – help for small stores
How bad is the British diet?
Innovation is driving healthier crisps and snacks - Mintel report
Consumers want healthier ready meals, more plant-based options
PARENTING: Reducing risk of childhood obesity by 75%
PARENTING: Desperate parents need better snacks for toddlers
PARENTING: School holidays means 5x more sugar!
Emerging cosmetics industry trends - comment by NATRUE
Beauty and wellbeing findings by the Soil Association
How to spot the sleep-deprived
New figures on fibre intake and bowel function for women
Consumers still struggling with ‘Clean’ label
Kantar sees the fresh produce trend
Plan now for Organic September
Celebrate the success of Wake Up To Organic 2018!
Why retailers need to be tech savvy
Olive oil sales squeezed
Double boost for organic sales this autumn
Grocery sector should expect a holiday season second wind
Artisan food retailers are missing out on double-digit sales growth
Why health food retailers can succeed while the High Street suffers
Mintel identifies teens as the new cosmetics consumers
Sports nutrition: it's your business
What customers expect from their favourite retailers
Voracious organic appetite among behemoths
Overwhelmed, confused and unprepared – menopause survey shows women need your help
Veg cities are cooking
Sunshine Vitamin named UK bestseller
Why sustainability is changing retail businesses
What’s hot for health-conscious older people
Buzzwords for 2019 – gut-friendly, vegan and ‘unpackaged’
Loyalty, plastics, local and prices are key influences on retail in 2019
CBD is physical stores’ golden opportunity
TV doctor cautious about the latest health and wellbeing trends
Meat alternatives – bring on the super-sub!
New hope for migraine sufferers
The rising power of plant protein in sports nutrition
The ‘unstoppable’ market for women’s probiotics
Is Kombucha the new coconut water?
Technology trend predictions for 2019
Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and Cyber Week: How consumers make shopping decisions
Vegan UK leading the way, but not quietly
Indies hold the whip hand in cosmetics sustainability
Why the VMS category is in good health
Half of British consumers would pay more for eco-friendly packaging
Cut and dried – halting the decline in dried fruit sales
How much Brits spend on their health
Stand by for the VMS surge
Vegan, fermented food, beauty and CBD all boosted at Natural Products showcase
Grocery continues its shift away from supermarkets
Fairtrade Fortnight in numbers
A stigma that is more than skin deep
Keeping an open mind on 'fad' diets
More consumers are seeking energy supplements
A third of Brits are looking for specialist vegan products
UK consumers switch on to CBD
Caring consumers look for ethical certification
Bank spells out its vision for healthier farming
Health stores handed a role in Social Prescribing project
Getting tangible results from in-store promotions
How to improve on the 7% spike in organic sales we saw last September
Flagging Brits know what they need
Where does the snacking market go from here?
Crystal clear – beauty consumers are switching to new age philosophies
Plastic packaging – are you ahead of the supermarkets?
What consumers want retailers to do about climate change
Search for Britain’s Best Small Shop of 2019 gets underway
Health & beauty goes top
Retailers should team up to meet rising demand for Click & Collect
Is there a future for cash in the retail sector?
Researchers seek CBD solution for Parkinson’s psychosis
Diabetes and the family connection
Menopausal women being prescribed ‘inappropriate’ antidepressants
Young consumers are willing to pay more for organic
“Organic can lead the way” – Soil Association annual conference
A third of UK grocery shoppers prioritise planet over price
Retailer confidence is at a three-year low
UK organic market grew 4.5% in 2019, Soil Association report reveals
Natural products industry gets a health check
UK’s escalating child health crises
Stand by for the vegan backlash
‘Flexitarian’ diet leads the nation’s changing choices
Mintel says it’s no longer good enough just to be meat-free – new products must be healthier
What kind of health food brands will win this decade?
How social media has changed retail business
ProVeg puts the plant milk case
Shoppers demand the human touch
Finding positives in last year’s retail sales decline
A diet by any other name?
Are millennials the unhealthiest generation in history?
The coming decade
Kitchen herb for menopausal symptoms
It's not nuts
Consumers will pay more online if delivery is free
Healthy's coming home
More babies on the way
Plastic tax ‘should not punish compostables’
Shoppers engaging with #shoplocal
Keeping fish on the dish
Irish health stores are top of the pops for supplements
Oat milk now the cream of vegan alternatives
FIsh oils stabilise Alzheimer's memory function
Spending up, especially in specialist stores
Tap happy - we're going contactless
Berries hit the spot for blood pressure
Unforgiven - UK frowns on poor customer service
A matter of trust
Brits get the nutrition message but are slow to reset
Rise in CBD for pain, sleep and mood
Pandemic dip for deodorants and cosmetics
Shedding light on vitamin D
Covid effect on plant-based food
Stress pushes skin to breaking point
Euromonitor spotlights 2022 consumer trends
Immunity shortfalls laid bare
Some food trends for 2022
Herbal teas to the rescue for a plethora of issues
Study reveals the power of vitamin D
Alarming decline in mental health among young generation
Just when we thought it was safe to open the wallet
Online growth falters
Free-from and functional foods surge in demand
How youngest and most digitally adept consumers are forcing change
How supply chain issues are affecting functional foods
The high cost of a crisis
Cost-of-living squeeze drives job hunters to retail
Inflammation and flagging immune systems
Consumers will accept higher prices for eco transparency - Mintel
New normal shopping
The effect of rising prices
What's happening online?
Consumers want local and trustworthy
Mood and wellbeing high on the consumer mind
Study adds to list of Long Covid symptoms
Where the UK sits in the European plant-based industry
Leaping sales of sustainable fish oils
Daily multivitamin may slow cognitive decline
Rooibos elevated to 'superfood'?
Further evidence for echinacea and coronavirus
Science discovers the power of mauka honey
'Now' generation seeks nutrition in beverages
Indies have taken a body blow but the prospects are good
COQ10 and heart health
Feel their pain
Biotin deficiency
Vitamin d noses ahead of multivits in sales league
Study looks at vitamin body-balance
Chronic pain among young people
Promising results with Brahmi for ADHD
Community understanding of immunity has evolved
Menopause missing links
The D factor
10 free places available for HFI diploma course
Help your customers beat the bloat this Easter
Your Healthy Living Awards 2015
Your Healthy Living Awards 2016
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Secret Shopper Reports 2015 - Kent
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Secret Shopper in Lockdown
Secret Shopper in Lockdown
Secret Shopper in Lockdown
Secret Shopper in Lockdown
Secret Shopper in Lockdown
Secret Shopper in Lockdown
Secret Shopper in Lockdown
Secret Shopper in Lockdown
Secret Shopper in Lockdown
Secret Shopper in Lockdown
Secret Shopper in Lockdown
Secret Shopper in Lockdown
Inside indie health food retailing
40 years of training expertise
Staying alive
The older generation needs you
Print v digital
Turn browsers into buyers
What's going on?
Secretly shopped!
Is business rates reform on the cards?
How to connect with your customers
Chargeback disputes
Mobile payments
Are you mobilised?
Order fulfilment
Distinction rebellion
CBD oil in crisis
Smooth operators
Best of the best
Dreaming of a better Christmas?
They said what?
Making sense of CBD
People power
Online or offline?
Making a difference with social prescribing
Direct action on climate change
Planning a promotion?
Vital statistics
Secret Shopper Award Winners 2017
Secret Shopper Reports Archive
Secret Shopper Reports Archive 2013
Secret Shopper Reports Archive 2012
Quickfire Marketing - Working with your suppliers
Quickfire Marketing - Simple marketing steps you can take today
Quickfire Marketing - Are you making any of these five marketing mistakes?
Quickfire Marketing - Marketing that adds value to your business
Quickfire Marketing - Six tips for building customer confidence
Quickfire Marketing - Five questions you should be asking
Quickfire Marketing - Five ways to make your shop a destination store
Quickfire Marketing - New to social media? start with Facebook
Quickfire Marketing - Winning media coverage
Market Intel: Weight management, obesity and diabetes
Market Intel: Stress, anxiety, fatigue, energy
Why VegfestUK trade is a must for independents
Elevating your high street
Create a buzz with cross-pollination
A basket's progress
How to find and keep quality retail staff
Are you tweeting comfortably?
Smarter selling
Traffic is less important than conversions!
Organic opportunities on your doorstep
Boosting revenues in challenging times
Bad advice carries a cost
Spotlight on men's mental health
Dietary changes trump medication for GI health
Combining premium and mid-range brands
Cover Story: Touker Suleyman - Reasons to be cheerful
Organic retailing case studies
Boom time for organic
The vegan stampede
Keep them sweet
Unleash the power of social media
Stranger things
Tales of the unexpected
Shrinkflation - real or imagined?
Profit margin
An industry in crisis
Need to know
New opportunities abound
Vegan and plant-based trends
What to expect in 2018
Irish Retailer Awards
Immune health
Senior health
Are we on the edge of a digital shelf revolution?
Free thinking
The power of one
Sleeping on the job
Innovation is key for independents
A conversation to have with your GP surgery?
Natural & Organic Products Europe 2018 preview
Zero waste pioneers
Take a look at your new customers
Credit crunch time
GDPR and you
The personal touch
Market Watch: Mental Health Awareness Week
Market Watch: Digestive Health
Irish independents have their say
How training raised my game
The store of the future
Special report - Nutrition and medicine
Rota revolution
Cashless society
Is technology clouding your vision?
Five benefits of social media marketing
Do you really have stock control?
GDPR and you: Don't panic, Mr Mainwaring!
Winners named in Irish retailer awards
Quality training enhances teamwork
Uptown girl
Take a bow, Vitality Expo!
Business rates reforms - who's listening?
Something stirs on the high street
Maximising existing customers
Get up to speed with Google
Taking control
How tech could change your POS
Survival of the fittest
Keeping employees engaged
Seven stores brimming with knowledge
Cornering the meat-free market
Have yourself a merry organic Christmas
Winter support for the immune system
Talking is step one to better men's health
Making the most of email
Maximising gross profit at Christmas
Crunching the numbers
The health food x-factor
Health inequalities
Natural beauty
Heart health
Click & collect
Ireland's health stores are 'in great shape'
THS takeover worries independents
A family affair
The future of retail
Health claims - what next?
Terms and Conditions
Privacy Policy
Latest Research Studies
Tree Time 2014
Tree Time 2013
Natural Products Europe 2014
Natural & Organic Products Europe 2015
Natural & Organic Products Europe 2016
Natural & Organic Products Europe 2017 Preview
Legislation Special
Brexit - what happens now?
Cover Story: Richard Branson
Cover Story: Cliff Moss
Dublin hosts the second Natural Health Expo
Supporting Organic September: Competition to win £750 worth of stock
Shop Window Dressing Competition
Training - at our industry's heart
Bricks and mortar stores are not relics - they are Community Engines
Campfire gatherings and other shenanigans
3 simple messaging strategies
Adapting to change
Lockdown legacies that are here to stay
Hopsack counter culture
Think inside the box
Social media - 7 top tips for success
Separated at birth
Better Food calls in the crowd
Four things consumers value most
Brexit crumbs of comfort
The changing face of retailing
What’s happening in Bantry, Ireland
What’s happening at Planet Organic
What’s happening in Abderdeen
Why plant-based is rocket fuel for the industry
Planning ahead for Organic September
Escape the slump
Greener e-commerce?
The big five-o!
Safety in numbers
How health stores can help the health of the nation
Doing fine, just not online
The importance of positioning
Greenbay - a Spanish-Colombian alliance in West London
Are there staff issues in health food retailing?
Where did all the staff go?
Driving towards higher costs
Supply chain - driving towards higher costs
New life after the pandemic
Last chance saloon
Is this really the end of a food staple?
Waste not, want not
Healthy, wealthy and wise. Guaranteed.
Collective vision, constructive goals, common sense
Taking health food training to new heights in 2022
Breakthrough! NHS lights touchpaper for Health on the High Street
Realign and reframe
Turning on a sixpence
So how are we faring and where do we go from here?
Same principles, fresh thinking
Hybrid selling
Blindsided by the hidden costs of e-commerce?
Fairtrade Fortnight
Back with a bang!
Natural health inspiration at the Farm Shop and Deli Show
New ways to support industry training and professionalism
How we're helping to save the NHS
Snoops, spies and opportunists - we see you
So what can we say?
Clearing the hurdles
Pricing and profitability
Circle of life
What can we learn from the pandemic?
Keeping the faith
Talk openly with your suppliers
Vegan is back on the menu
Sink or swim
How to survive and thrive as a small independent
Online bugbears that turn off consumers
The UK will soon be Europe’s fattest nation
Yes, we are all individuals
Leading the greening of the high street
Insight is everything
Viewpoint: Legislation
What can independent retailers do in the face of rising costs?
Why organic sales could surge this autumn
Top awards and big announcements at HFMA AGM
Robert Redfern, 1946-2022
Post-pandemic retailing
Ready for winter?
Maximising your profit potential
Building trust within your community
Brexit, supply chain and inflation - the unholy trinity
The 2022 Health Food Institute Training Awards
Dear Prime Minister, a word in your ear...
Before you were famous
Support, advise, protect
An industry devastated by the collapse of ToL and THS
NAHS becomes Health Stores UK in major brand refresh
Health Stores Ireland/New Natural Business Retailer Awards 2023
Fruit & veg heroes to the rescue in pilot scheme
Ireland’s health food retailers celebrate their 2023 Awards
Natural & Organic Products Europe returns to London
How to open and run a successful health store
Boots and Smiths closures 'could present a high street opportunity'
The best of Ireland's health food retailers celebrate in the 2024 Awards
Supply chain, inflation, cost-of-living – surviving the next challenge!
A severe dose of realism
Friendly, knowledgeable, local and trustworthy
How to be noticed
Challenging times call for a fresh approach
Brexit revisited
Why we need to be progressive
A firm foundation in changing times
Independents day
Why we're going to make this work
Viewpoint: Industry needs to engage on EU laws
Staff training prices slashed
The man who read the room
Building together
A change at the top
Healthy skin: the inside story
The passion supply chain
Does the government really understand these figures?
Know your numbers
What your customers think of you
Opportunities and special interests
Health Food Institute 2023 Training Awards
The new health store bible
Dundeis - up and running
Purveyors of fine vegan mac 'n cheeze and kombuchas to die for
How to survive
Weathering the storm
Political tribalism and cynicism must end
CBD forecast - cloudy with a chance of hope
Decline in meat sales comes from a centuries-old message
New CBD advice - confusion rather than clarity?
Don't let apathy win without a fight
Working together for positive change
Irish health sector puts its best foot forward
Ladies first!
Reasons to be cheerful?
Kids, culture and local champions
How, where and why consumers buy online
Why we need a radical organic rethink
How can we stop people eating themselves to depression and death?
Indies lead the charge
Sunny side up
Together we are louder
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