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Create a buzz with cross-pollination

Inspiration and Direction for Retailers

By Sarah Orecchia, Founder of UnBEElievable Health

There’s something very rewarding about collaborating with others for a common goal, a concept that has really grown since the inception of social media. This is especially true in the wellness sector where there is a huge community of supportive and like-minded individuals who are interested in natural health and beauty.

There is power in numbers, and often a lot can be achieved from a marketing and sales perspective when brands and stores collaborate.

With the phenomenal growth of social media, we all need to think more creatively and become proactive, not just working with bloggers and nutritionists, but suppliers collaborating with retailers and vice versa where they share the vision.

Collaborating with others is not just fun but is beneficial for all involved, and is a great way to support peers and make new friends in the industry.

We invite bloggers and nutritionists to review products or create recipes (our capsules can be opened into recipes, smoothies etc.) with lovely pictures. Both parties post on social media which helps us all get more followers and awareness. The same idea can be implemented by health stores by inviting bloggers, nutritionists, local health influencers and brands to participate or speak at store events.

Prizes announced on social media or in store e-newsletters can help bring in customers: ‘Pop in on Saturday and enter to win this hamper of healthy goodies worth x!’. Hampers can be filled with donations from brands or short dated or discontinued stock. Customers can leave their name and email to enter (you can say that they will be registered for your newsletter but can opt out anytime). In this way you build your database.

Multiple brand sample days can be arranged with brands donating items for snacks and drinks on the day. It’s sometimes hard for some companies (especially smaller ones) to get a staff member to these types of events but most brands are happy to provide samples or leaflets which can also be included in goody bags.

Expanding on this, we decided to go a bit bigger for our latest cross-pollination effort and give away a £1000 trip for two to Spain through Planet Organic stores. We collaborated with Toca Organic Honey based in Galicia, Spain, to split the cost of the trip, while all three parties shared the cost of posters, leaflets, newsletter mentions and social media shout outs. Store sampling and special events helped to ensure it was a huge success.

But even small collaborations can bring big results. Recently we gave away a prize of our products with some bee cosmetic bags donated by Nectar & Bumble and had over 300 re-tweets and re-posts on Instagram. We also did something similar with fitness fashion brand Asquith and Just Bee Drinks, both of which had massive interaction via social media and e-newsletters.

So why not put your thinking cap on and get creative with some ways to create a buzz in your store? Don’t be shy about asking for help. We are in such a supportive and wonderful industry and you’d be surprised how easy it is to find people and brands to collaborate with.

Sarah Orecchia founded UnBEElievable Health six years ago launching with plant-based Bee Prepared immune formulas. Bee Energised supplement is the newest member of the hive. The supplements have won numerous awards., Instagram @unbeelievablehealth, Twitter @unbeelievable.

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