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Does the government really understand these figures?

Ray Hill
Founder and Secretary of the Health Food Institute

Just a few weeks ago a headline read, 'Major illness for 1 in 5 by 2040'. Yes, 20% of the English population will be suffering from a serious disease, according to the Health Foundation's REAL Centre and the University of Liverpool.

Why? Primarily because of obesity and its result in creating other serious consequences as one ages. This, for the most part, is the result of overindulging in processed and ultra-processed foods.

But it ultimately becomes a burden on an already failing NHS. An NHS which was on its knees long before it pulled out the stops for the pandemic. Even then, when assessing the numbers in hospital and those dying, there is a body of people who question whether they got that right. Not least those suffering latterly from mental health conditions as a result of Covid.

It is calculated that the number of people living with a major illness will rise by 37%. In 2019, 6.7m people were living with a major disease which means there could be 9.1m by 2040, just 17 years away. It is hoped that the government has calculated these numbers into their plans for increasing the NHS workforce and facilities to meet this significant rise in demand.

Meanwhile, a new anti-obesity drug has entered the market. Unfortunately, in order for it to maintain weight loss it may have to be taken for the rest of an obese patient's life. It seems the patient has to commit to this otherwise there is no point in starting, because it may risk doing more harm than good if stopped.

This sounds as though the obese should think very carefully before committing to something that is for the rest of one's life. For those with a reasonable element of willpower it may be better to apply nature's way.

In natural treatment, there are just two factors to consider. They are assimilation and elimination. It is how much and what we choose to eat along with how efficiently, how often and how much we eliminate via the bowel.

The 5-2 diet, that is five days eating and two days fasting, will gently remove weight, providing one chooses healthy food. Only with a determined will can a person free themselves from the hold obesity has on one's life.

Why the weight issue is a major factor in today's society is undoubtedly the result of what may be described as industrially machine-made food, using whatever ingredients of questionable origin to ensure it meets the criteria of leaving the consumer wanting more.

It is regrettable that demand by the grocery trade to provide for vegan and vegetarian customers has led to some manufacturers drifting into ultra-processed products. Even the health food trade needs to remind itself that closer observation of ingredients in some comestibles is necessary to preserve the ethics upon which our trade is based.

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