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Gently does it

These days we meet online, we chat online and, in increasing numbers, shop online.

And in the world of retailing, we are witnessing a seismic change that has actually been a long time coming.

Even those lovely old customers who limped in for a chat and fresh supplies of glucosamine and Q10 are more than capable of doing it online.

Most stores have found a way through lockdown and second waves to keep the relationship warm, but the reality is that to survive, we need to embrace technology.

Last issue, at the beginning of the summer, we launched our innovative and forward-thinking section Retailing Better Online. Clever play on words that, but now that we’ve patted ourselves on the back, it’s over to you.

How are you faring? Have you found new ways to service existing customers, increase your customer base and use technology to make your business thrive?

Our aim is to help you do that, so find a quiet corner and dig in to this issue where you’ll find a goldmine of essential advice, not only on the everyday running of your store, but also on how to break into the world of selling online.

As Einstein put it, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” And mankind has a new set of problems.

You can still greet new customers and old with warmth and enthusiasm, but for some of them there may be an algorithm or a binary code helping to make the connection.

Read on, and we’ll show you how...

Alistair Forrest

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