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Fairtrade Fortnight

February 21 – 6 March 2022

Fairtrade Fortnight is a show of solidarity with those on the frontline of the climate crisis.

COP26 didn’t deliver the change needed to stay within 1.5 degrees, nor did it secure finance to directly support farmers and workers on the frontline.

But the Fairtrade Foundation believes there is hope if we all act together.

Fairtrade Fortnight is an opportunity for individuals, communities and businesses to stand with farmers in low-income countries who are impacted daily by climate change.

Together, by keeping the pressure on government and businesses, we can all ensure farmers benefit from fairer prices, fairer trading practices and the resources needed for tackling the climate emergency.

Fairtrade’s Choose the World You Want Festival returns for a second year and features a series of virtual events designed to engage, inform and educate people around the urgent message of Fairtrade and climate change, the future of our food and those who produce it.

This initiative will bring the movement together and feature panel discussions, performances, workshops and collaborations between the Fairtrade Foundation and retailers, chefs and high-profile names in the world of food and sustainability.

The climate crisis is the biggest threat to the livelihoods of millions of small-scale farmers and agricultural workers in low-income countries worldwide. Without a fairer income, farmers and workers are unable to invest in the types of mitigation and adaptation techniques needed to protect the environment, and their businesses.

This represents a vicious cycle of poverty in which steps towards environmental protection and decarbonisation are likely to be beyond the reach of those who aren’t even able to earn a living income because the price they receive for their produce is far too low.

One of the biggest COP26 cop-outs was when the wealthiest nations failed to recognise the urgent need to invest in farmer expertise and delayed their promised $100bn annual funding to the most climate vulnerable countries until 2023.

COP26 fell short of what farmers and workers need but together we can still make a difference. Fairtrade Fortnight 2022 is an opportunity to shout louder than ever to make sure politicians turn their promises into action at COP27 in Cairo next year.

The failure to deliver enough progress at COP26 makes it even more important that governments get serious next year, and to do that it needs the support of your business. Find out more at where you can also download a toolkit for your involvement.

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