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Five benefits of social media marketing

Whether you have an online shop or not, social media is increasingly a valuable tool in your marketing armoury, says Matt Windsor, Digital Marketing Executive at Khaos Control Solutions Ltd.

When used effectively, social media can have a dramatic impact on sales, brand awareness and overall market position. Here are my five top benefits.


Social media has closed the gap between consumers and businesses, allowing them to be closer than ever before. Before social media, there was the notion of six degrees of separation, the idea that no one person was more than six connections away from another. With social media, this gap has narrowed to one.

For businesses, social media presents a unique opportunity to build and maintain long-lasting consumer relationships. Businesses interact with customers like never before, meaning consumers now feel a real connection. For eCommerce businesses, social media allows consumers to inform them if there are any issues with their order. Conversely, if customers are satisfied with their purchase, they can tell others.

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