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From the top – Lynn Lord

Natures Aid co-founder and former HFMA chair Lynn Lord explains why she believes the independent health food retailer has a rosy future.

There have been many changes in product trends over the years and therefore new product development and constant product evolution has been key to our success.

I believe product innovation is critical in an industry that is continually evolving due to scientific advancements and to meet the needs of today’s changing lifestyle patterns.

By producing the right products to meet the needs of the modern consumer, we enable independent retailers to keep ahead of the mainstream competition and provide a point of difference.

For Natures Aid, this philosophy hasn’t changed since I founded the business with my husband David Lord and our friend Paul Marshall in 1981 – to produce quality products and to support the independent retailer. We should never forget that each customer is special and always endeavour to give our best, which is why we put so much emphasis on customer care and strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

I think our industry has a very strong future. Demographics mean more people are coming into the VMS and herbal market as they get older and want to maintain their good health and fitness levels. And with the Government putting more emphasis on care in the community, we can provide retailers with the products for them in turn to offer to the public.

Younger people are now using supplements to improve health and fitness. Sports supplements have also seen growth as people find supplements and superfoods to help them improve their levels of fitness. We have also seen a big growth in healthy cooking oils for people who are looking to switch to healthier alternatives to traditional cooking oils.

There will always be new product areas to consider and as long as there are businesses who follow this philosophy, and retailers who are looking to the future and staying with upcoming trends and changes, we will all continue to prosper and thrive.

Selling products with a point of difference and ongoing ‘special offers’ help increase turnover by keeping consumers interested and returning for more. Therefore, we continually look for opportunities to increase sales for our retailer customers and launch popular added value products wherever possible to maximise profitability for our customers.

All change at the top

The three owners and directors of Natures Aid announced their semi-retirement from the company after 35 years and have appointed three experienced senior managers as directors to run the business.

Lynn Lord (Managing Director), Dave Lord (Sales Director) and Paul Marshall (Operations Director) founded Natures Aid in 1981 after the herbal company they worked for went into liquidation.

Operating from a purpose-built 43,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility, with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Pharmaceutical Licence accreditation, their company was one of the first to achieve a Traditional Herbal Registration (THR).

The new directors are Chris Morrey (Director of Commerce), Tim Gaunt (Director of Technical Sales) and David Sole (Director of Operations) who have several new innovations under development.

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