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New ways to support industry training and professionalism

Ray Hill
Founder and Secretary of the Health Food Institute

The Health Food Institute (HFI) has introduced a number of opportunities designed to seek supplier support and retailer participation in order to achieve its goal of encouraging and achieving professional, well-trained, knowledgeable staff in health food shops.

For suppliers there are now two levels of annual partnership, namely Ambassadors contributing £3000 and Patrons £500. Ambassadors will benefit from inclusion in all HFI activities and Patrons will be freely included in some events and invited to support others at a discounted rate.

Ambassadors and Patrons, whose financial support helps build the professionalism of trained staff on the shop floor, are ensuring knowledgeable information is conveyed to customers.

HFI Ambassador and Patron logos will appear at any opportunity where relevant, and certainly on the HFI headed paper and promoted at its Annual Event and at exhibitions.

A Sample Box Scheme has been devised as a strong incentive to encourage retailers to participate in staff training and for their staff members who are HFI-trained and/or in training. This will also give HFI supporters the opportunity to introduce their products to trained and in-training shop floor staff to try and, ultimately, promote where best served to their customers, family and friends.

An HFI Training Video and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Points Scheme offers supporter companies the facility to deliver useful and relevant non-branded short video training sessions and webinars from the HFI platform. Students would gain CPD points for participating in these with all narrative being non-branded and focused on ingredients, thus avoiding legality issues.

CPD provides an opportunity for all who are professionally trained to keep their knowledge and skills relevant and up-to-date, thereby providing a high-quality service to their customers.

Discounts for the HFI Annual Lecture, Lunch and Training Awards Ceremony and other events are available for Ambassadors and Patrons. Official Sponsorship of the Annual Event will be at a discounted rate for HFI supporters.

The HFI will freely provide Ambassadors with two full HFI courses (Parts 1 and 2) worth £545 each to give to their staff or their customers as an indication of their support for the HFI professional training.

Ambassadors will qualify for ten free Supplier Courses and Patrons five. This course is designed to give new employees of companies an insight into the trade, its history and its modus operandi – particularly useful for new company representatives who are 'on the road'.

Companies wishing to participate are advised to contact the HFI Administrator on 0115 9234 534 or 07582 134470, or email [email protected]

Please note the HFI’s new address is P.O. Box 10978, Nottingham NG2 9XG, tel 0115 9234 534 or 07582 134470, email [email protected]

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