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Alarming decline in mental health among young generation

Sapien Labs, a non-profit research organisation focused on tracking changes in the mind and brain, has released its second annual Mental State of the World Report (MSW).

The MSW report is the world’s largest and most comprehensive global mental wellbeing study, drawing on insights from 223,000 respondents across 34 countries between January 1 and December 31, 2021.

It utilises the Mental Health Quotient (MHQ), an open online anonymous survey that takes 15 minutes to complete and returns overall wellbeing scores. Scores are on a positive-negative scale where positive scores represent a normal range of functioning while negative scores indicate a negative impact of mental health on the ability to function normally.

The report reveals that the alarming decline in the mental health of young people is a global phenomenon. Nearly half of young people (44%) had mental health issues in the “distressed” or “struggling” ranges, compared to just 7% of those 65+. Worryingly, just 19% of 18–24-year-olds had “thriving” or “succeeding” mental wellbeing scores.

This stands in stark contrast to studies prior to 2010 where young adults typically scored highest on various happiness and wellbeing scales. The rapid growth of mobile phones and the internet are a consistent trend and among probable causes across all countries after 2010.

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