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Brits get the nutrition message but are slow to reset

Three-quarters of Brits recognise that immune health is compromised by bad diets, according to a report commissioned by the Health and Food Supplements Information Service (, yet there are worrying signs that our diets are way off track, putting immune health under strain this winter.

The report – Immune Health: Micronutrients Under the Microscope – reveals that many Brits badly need a nutrition reset with food portions out of control, comfort eating rife and immunity nutrients such as vitamin D and iron in decline.

Key findings from the HSIS report show:

One of the report’s authors, GP Dr Gill Jenkins, says: “Good nutrition is essential for optimal immunity but, as far as our diets are concerned, key pieces of the puzzle are missing. Vitamins A and C from fruit and vegetables and iron from red meat, beans and green veg are lower than ideal for some age groups, while most adults don’t take a vitamin D supplement as recommended.

“Fish intakes are also too low, leading to a massive shortfall in omega-3 fats, which help the body to calm down potentially dangerous levels of inflammation produced during an immune response.

“Supplementation has been shown to improve several specific aspects of immune health, particularly where deficiencies exist.”

Other findings of note in the report include:

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