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How much Brits spend on their health

The average Brit will spend more than £65,000 over their lifetime just looking after their basic health.

A poll of 2,000 adults found Brits spend an average of £1,091.26 each year on gym memberships, vitamins and supplements, prescriptions, exercise classes and healthy foods.

And over the course of a 60.3 year average adult lifespan, that adds up to £65,802.98. This figure does not take into account the £120bn we spend on the NHS each year – about £1,912 per person.

People spend an average of £113.46 each year on gym memberships, another £123.60 on vitamins and supplements, and an extra £66 on protein powders.

They’ll also spend £28.98 a year on new exercise gear, clothing and equipment to help with their workouts.

And those who use alternative medicines and therapies will spend £31.98 a year on treatments.

The research was conducted by for 4Homeopathy, in support of Homeopathy Awareness Week in April.

A third of adults would consider using complementary or homeopathic alternatives for an ailment in the future, and one in six is already using alternative methods to help with illness.

The survey also explored attitudes to healthcare and wellness. Seven in 10 Brits think about the state of their health on a regular basis, with the average adult visiting the doctor three times a year. Men are more likely to spend money on vitamins, protein powders and exercise supplements to stay healthy, while women prioritise their spend on healthy foods.

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