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UK’s escalating child health crises

A ‘State of the Nation’ report focusing on child health highlights an escalating obesity crisis and what the UK should do about it.

Presented by Food for Life, a Soil Association initiative to make it normal for Britain’s children to eat healthy, nutritious food, the report spells out a five-point plan aimed at tackling the inter-related crises of climate, nature and health.

“These recommendations highlight the value of real, fresh food, which is often overlooked in the hype around obesity and calories,” says Soil Association CEO Helen Browning (pictured right). “They are attentive to the voices of young people, and I am convinced they will provide vital impetus towards the task of transforming children’s food in England for the better.”

The report reveals:

The report’s five recommendations are:

Look out for more details and comment in the Spring 2020 issue of Better Retailing Magazine.

Read the full report here.

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