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What consumers want retailers to do about climate change

Almost 80% of UK consumers think that retailers are not doing enough to address issues around sustainability and climate change, according to GlobalData.

The data and analytics company’s latest report, UK Sustainability 2019, reveals that those who are most likely to purchase more frequently are often more engaged with sustainability and ethics, as many consumers wish to pass the responsibility on to retailers.

However, these young individuals may be the ones who are less able to make changes due to the often higher price points associated with sustainable and/or ethical products. Price is an important factor that many consumers are not willing to compromise on and a barrier to making more sustainable choices, says the report.

In an article for 91 Magazine, Future Retail founder and BRM columnist Catherine Erdly (pictured) says there has never been a better time to be a creative retail business. Quoting the GlobalData report that 93.5% of consumers want retailers to act sustainably, she argues that this is the perfect opportunity for small businesses with a focus on sustainability to shine.

“As an independent retailer or brand, you are perfectly placed to take advantage of these shifts in buying behaviour,” she says. “You can relate directly to your customers as a real human being, not a faceless corporation, mainly because it actually IS you talking to the customers, not a marketing department!

“You can build relationships with your customers, getting their feedback on new products, understanding what they like and don’t like, and inviting them to be part of your buying process. Above all, you can relate to your customers by sharing your story and your values, and ultimately build a community around you of people who share their world view. Focus not on trying to beat the bigger retailers at their game – no-one will ever be faster than Amazon – but think instead about what you can do that the bigger retailers can’t.”

Access the GlobalData report here, and read Catherine’s full article here.

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