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COQ10 and heart health

Scientific cardiology publications don’t usually write about nutritional supplements. This makes it even more noteworthy that the Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC) featured an article about the compound CoQ10.

News about nutritional supplements doesn’t usually feature in this journal so Pharma Nord was quick to point out that four of the published studies mentioned in the article were conducted with Pharma Nord’s CoQ10 formulation.

Two leading cardiologists in Texas, Dr. Albert E Raizner from Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital, and Dr. Miguel A. Quiñones from Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital, described multiple studies that have been conducted with CoQ10, which is normally concentrated in heart muscle tissue.

Interestingly, the article clearly stated that decreased endogenous production of CoQ is a collateral effect of taking statins. Statin-induced reduction of CoQ in blood and tissues, including the heart and liver, has been demonstrated in animals and humans.

Because CoQ10 is of fundamental importance to mitochondrial function and cellular energy production, mitochondrial dysfunction due to statin-induced depletion of CoQ is offered as the primary pathophysiologic cause of muscle pain, cramps and disability caused by rhabdomyolysis, which can be fatal.

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