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Consumers will accept higher prices for eco transparency – Mintel

In food and drink, consumer expectations have grown beyond stories and detailed claims. They now want to see trustworthiness and measurable progress on health, environmental and ethical commitments.

That’s a key conclusion in the current Mintel Food & Drink Trends Report (

Mintel predicts that consumers will expect more transparency about a brand’s climate-friendly and ethical commitments. Brands can add accountability with third party verification or measurements via rating systems.

“Companies will be expected to provide updates on progress related to long-term or transitional policies,” the report says. “Even more trust will be won by providing verified information such as claims certified by third-party organisations.

“Enabling consumers to take more control will be made easier with personalised preferences in apps and smartphones that filter claims to spotlight what matters most to the individual, such as ingredients or ethical claims.

“These personalised settings will foster relationships between companies and consumers that could extend to better transparency around pricing. Transparency will be needed if commitments to healthy, environmentally friendly or ethical policies result in higher retail prices.”

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