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Flagging Brits know what they need

Market research by UK oatcake producer Nairn’s has revealed that although many Brits are suffering from a bad case of lethargy, most of them know what to do about it.

Data researched in June has found that we are most energised at 11am but by 2pm, just three hours later, we’re already flagging. What’s more, people don’t have enough energy to get through the day at least three times a week.

Nairn’s asked respondents what they thought they should do about it. Four-fifths (80%) believe taking better care of themselves would lead to feeling more energised. But a conundrum arose from the next question: almost three-quarters (71%) admit they would be more likely to challenge themselves to do more physical activity if they didn’t feel so lethargic!

Others admitted that while they don’t have the time or the energy to exercise, they still find the time to binge watch their favourite TV series. Unsurprisingly, sleep plays a huge part in this sluggish behaviour. Two in five (41%) see getting more hours of sleep as their main source to boost their energy, followed by eating more healthily (17%) and exercise (13%).

Other than skipping exercise, the main energy drainers include skipping breakfast (39%). Work also puts a huge obstacle in the way of achieving fitness goals. Too much time looking at a computer (34%) or too many meetings (28%) are blamed.

The amount of time spent in the office means staff only get an average of one hour and 17 minutes outside in the sunlight on a typical day, and all too often turn to caffeine (30%) and chocolate (21%) to provide an energy boost with fruit (12%) a distant third choice.

Nairn’s suggests eating a healthy breakfast, exercise and spending more time outside – together with improved nutrition of course – as a solution.

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