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It’s getting healthier, say analysts

More people are buying vegetarian, free-from and organic food as the healthy eating trend gathers pace.

That’s the view of big data and technology expert IRI which has surveyed European shoppers.

People are paying more attention to their health as the healthy eating trend gathers pace, according to IRI. More than two thirds (72%) of shoppers in the UK are buying healthy food – with less salt, sugar, fat or calories.

The survey, which was conducted among 2,600 shoppers in seven European countries, found that 43% of British shoppers buy organic food. This is a third more than was the case three years ago. Further, more than one in four people said they were happy to spend more buying organic food, more than any other healthy food option.

More shoppers are buying vegetarian food options – an increase of 26% in the last three years – but fewer are willing to spend more for this choice.

The number of people buying ‘free-from’ food options has also grown, with one third of shoppers buying lactose-, yeast- or gluten-free products.

Just one in five British shoppers want to ensure they buy additive-free food, less than the 33% of Europeans that insist on this. And one in three shoppers read the ingredient lists and nutritional fact labels on food items before they purchase.

IRI believes that there is a huge opportunity for food manufacturers to highlight the health benefits of their products or introduce new, healthier, lines.

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