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How to improve on the 7% spike in organic sales we saw last September

In 2018, retailers, consumers and businesses got involved with demonstrations, talks, sales offers and social media during Organic September. More than 200 independent retailers took part in Organic September Saturday. This all led to a 7% spike in sales of organic during that month.

The Soil Association has announced plans to beat that figure this year and show consumers the positive impact organic can have on the planet.

From the food we eat, to the beauty products we use and the clothes we wear, going organic has a positive impact on our planet. We’re in a climate emergency and this Organic September will show how choosing organic is a simple but powerful form of direct action:

It’s completely FREE to take part in Organic September and all businesses taking part will be given a toolkit of materials, both print and digital, to help support their Organic September activity, whether or not they are certified by the Soil Association.

Here’s what’s happening this year:

Independent retailers can order their POS toolkit here.

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