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Indies hold the whip hand in cosmetics sustainability

Beauty and personal care brands (BPC) must change their approach to sustainability and zero waste or die, according to Mintel’s 2019 Global Beauty & Personal Care Trends report.

“Some companies are already discussing totally circumventing packaging,” says Mintel. “This is not just a trend, it is a movement.”

Independent retailers already have the lead as big companies that put current profits ahead of investment in zero waste solutions will lose out in the long term. “Indie brands already have the edge as they have built their business practices around ethics,” says Mintel.

“High-profit BPC brands that aren’t investing in this area are already condemning themselves.”

The analyst emphasises that being sustainable doesn’t mean compromising on quality or luxury. Upcycling concepts, refills and product-life extensions offer opportunities, as well as creating better relationships with consumers, providing them with the guidance and education to make changes.

“Native brands already have the upper hand as they have built their business practices around ethics. Larger brands, which are moving as slow as oil tankers, must think about becoming speedboats to catch up with smaller, more nimble competitors.”

Meanwhile, the report notes that 54% of UK beauty and personal care consumers often research products online before they buy them. Brands must be more environmentally responsible and must be transparent about their practices, but consumers must also take some accountability. Brands can win loyalty by using education and offering simple solutions.

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