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Getting tangible results from in-store promotions

The high value of retailer support programmes is revealed in figures from a leading VMS supplier. Loyalty cards and staff training combined with striking POS are returning some startling figures in UK independents.

Solgar reports that stores implementing its Gold Card loyalty card programme are seeing an average 20% increase in sales, while its ‘staff recommends’ scheme has shown a huge 36% increase in one store. Stores engaging with the Solgar Academy, which provides specific training on product sectors, are seeing similar results across the board.

This emphasis on training enables staff to identify opportunities and make recommendations that heighten the shopping experience as well as increase sales and cash margin.

In addition, secondary displays with which retailers can allocate additional space according to known shopper trends are also providing astonishing returns. These provide a cross-selling opportunity by offering wider health choices for shoppers, for example demonstrating the value of a collagen supplement to a customer looking for face creams.

One retailer with a Solgar secondary display over a four-week period reported an 83% growth in sales for the product displayed.

This success is backed up by the Globalpraxis Shopper Insight (2017) showing that 26% of shoppers who bought an additional product while in-store were influenced by a promotion such as a cross-purchase deal.

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