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Keeping fish on the dish

Reading-based Organico Realfoods reports an ‘awakening’ among consumers about the fish they buy following the March release of the Netflix documentary, Seaspiracy.

With the human and environmental impacts of the fishing industry brought into question and major sustainability certifications challenged, the public is taking a keen interest in where their fish is from and how it’s being caught.

“We’ve always been attuned to issues Seaspiracy unpacks so we’re grateful this conversation has been brought into the spotlight,” says Carmen Redfern of Organico Marketing whose Fish4Ever brand challenges industrial definitions of sustainability.

“We have always carried out our own specific and holistic version of sustainability – centring around the land, sea and people. Moreover, each of our cans is traceable to the boat that fished it. Our answer to Seaspiracy is not to stop eating fish altogether, but to eat better.”

‘Better’ means working with small-scale fisheries, using organic land ingredients and targeted fishing methods, causing little-to-no impact on the marine environment.

“This is a message that seems to resonate with our consumers,” says Carmen.

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