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PARENTING: School holidays means 5x more sugar!

British parents will let their children consume up to FIVE TIMES as much sugar during the summer holidays as they would any other time, according to research. A worrying poll of 1,000 parents with children aged two to 17 found sugar intake will be hugely boosted during the break from school.

Unsurprisingly, ice creams and sugary drinks were named as the biggest culprits, with just one in 10 parents reporting their child eats more vegetable sticks over summer. A quarter of parents say their child eats far more sweets over the summer holidays than they ordinarily would.

The study was conducted by mydentist, whose group clinical director Nyree Whitley says: “Without the school routine it’s easy for kids to fall out of their good oral hygiene and diet habits, perhaps brushing less and eating more sweet treats.’’

The study also found a huge eight in 10 parents admit to being concerned about the increase in their child’s sugar intake over the summer holidays. But two-thirds won’t make a special effort to schedule a dental check-up for their children during summer months – despite the heavy extra intake of sugary treats.

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