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Overwhelmed, confused and unprepared – menopause survey shows women need your help

The vast majority of women are going into menopause feeling unprepared and fearful of how it will impact their lives, both at home and at work, new research has revealed.

The survey of 1,100 women throughout the UK, conducted by menopause expert Maryon Stewart, has highlighted that 96% felt unprepared for their menopause, while 29% feel overwhelmed or confused and 27% have chosen to journey through menopause naturally but are lacking knowledge.

The research also highlighted that 71% of women are relying on information they get from the internet, while only 12% choose to speak to their doctor and as few as 2% elect to discuss their menopause with a practice nurse as they don’t believe they will receive constructive help.

As well as feeling unprepared, the survey also highlighted that women are suffering in silence, with 71% finding it difficult to discuss their menopause, 58% struggling to speak to their partner and 35% even finding it hard to talk to their friends.

In addition, 46% of women find it hard to communicate with their boss and 48% feeling unable to talk to colleagues, while 57% of those surveyed believe that speaking about their menopause will make them look less capable in the workplace.

The survey also highlighted the devastating psychological impact the menopause has on women, with a startling 45% feeling depressed, 65% suffering anxiety and 62% believing that the transition made them feel invisible.

The research also found:

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