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Rise in CBD for pain, sleep and mood

Data commissioned by reveals the number of Brits using CBD products rose 7% from 7.8m to 8.4m million in the year to Autumn 2021, and most are taking it to combat problems with pain, sleep, and mood.

Dr Attam Singh, Clinical Associate at the London Pain Clinic, says: “The research reveals that a significant number of adults are using CBD products to support their health in a wide range of ways. Patients are looking towards natural remedies to mitigate and soothe pain, sleep and mood symptoms, as well as other mental and physical health concerns.”

The most common reasons for buying CBD included:

Overall, nearly seven in ten (69%) consumers are convinced CBD delivers clear health benefits, according to the research of 5,000 UK adults. That’s up from less than half (47%) in 2020.

Until 2021 the CBD market was largely unregulated and as a result consumers faced a bewildering array of therapeutic claims, a wide range of strengths and formulations and variations in price and quality.

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