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Shedding light on vitamin D

With recent research revealing over 13m people are at risk of developing serious illnesses from low vitamin D levels (Warburtons Vitamin D Report 2021), learning about the importance of vitamins has never been more essential.

Vitamin D is known to benefit the immune system to fight widespread infections usually present in the winter months.

Meanwhile, Opinium research last year revealed that only 33% of Brits take daily vitamins, while just 28% believe vitamin D is important in our diets.

The UK and Ireland Mushroom Producers organisation, now championed by The Medicinal Chef Dale Pinnock (pictured), is enriching mushrooms with vitamin D with just eight Vitamin D mushrooms providing 100% of RDI making them a healthy addition to the diet.

The research revealed that only 34% of respondents believed mushrooms contain vitamins B and D, and only 57% believe they can achieve their vitamin recommended daily allowance through food and diet alone.

In fact, mushrooms have soared in popularity as one of the best vegetarian- and vegan-friendly sources of B and D vitamins, selenium and potassium.

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