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The coming decade

Consumer research giant Mintel has identified three key trends that will shape the global food, drink, and foodservice industries over the next 10 years:

All about plants

Expect to see consumers further prioritise plants in their diets, says Mintel, with the planet’s health in mind as much as their own. From beer made from rejected cereal pieces to containers made from organic mushroom waste, food waste will lead the way for more sustainable consumption and innovation.

Oh so personal

Consumers will gain a better understanding of what makes them unique using health testing services, artificial intelligence-enabled apps, and increased personal data collection. Meanwhile, with consumers expected to live longer, many will want to learn how their diet can benefit long-term cognitive health.

Coming over all innovative

Following in the footsteps of molecular whiskey, expect to see brands use science and technology to create new products, shorten production time and confirm trustworthiness. Meanwhile, new ingredient growing regions, such as those in Africa and India, and agricultural innovations including floating farms, will emerge to tackle global food insecurity.

Smart diets

“Looking ahead, more consumers will be able to gain in-depth knowledge of their biology through personal health testing kits which will empower them to personalise their diet and health regimes,” says Alex Beckett, Associate Director at Mintel Food & Drink. “Analysis of these tools will inform consumers of the steps they need to take to address every aspect of their health, including brain and emotional wellbeing. As a result, in order to succeed over the next decade, brands will need to offer more personalised product offerings, develop smart home solutions, and assist consumers in addressing mood and brain health.”

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