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Is technology clouding your vision?

Retailers are not using technology as effectively as they could be and in some cases it is actually having a detrimental effect on their business, according to a report from Searchlight Consulting.


The study, entitled ‘Is Technology Clouding Retailers’ Vision?’ claims that many retailers, while operating in one of the industries most affected by technological advancement, are not using technology for maximum benefit.


It states that instead of constantly searching for a ‘silver bullet’ which can cause them to lose focus and waste investment, retailers need to adopt a more holistic, long-term approach, as well as paying greater attention to company culture.

One issue, says the study, is that retailers have become fixated on having the latest tools and systems, believing they are essential to win customers. On the other hand, fear of projects being too complex or costly, as well as having too many different systems to choose from, may be factors which prevent some companies from implementing technology effectively.


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