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Increase Gross Margin – In-store radio

Turn on to NAHS Radio and watch your bottom line grow. Gary Trickett has the rap

A few years ago, I was listening to a supermarket in-store radio playing music interspersed with advertising messages and thought: Wouldn’t it be a great asset to independent health store retailers to be able to offer a similar service?

But the trouble was that costly PRS/PPL license fees, which cost on average £500 per annum per store, was a major stumbling block if the NAHS was to offer this service.

However, being the determined people we are, we sourced a couple of options offering license-free music featuring new and emerging artists and finally decided on Newcastle-based Amazing In-store who offer a selection of music genres. These range from ‘Best of’ to ‘Light Mix’ or ‘Chill’ from a database of over a million songs to fit individual retailers.

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