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Natural beauty

In its Beauty & Wellbeing Report 2018, the Soil Association predicted the concept of inside-out beauty as its top trend for this year.

This is being more mindful about what we’re putting on our bodies just as much as what we’re putting in them, says the report. “It’s safe to say that this trend came to life at lightning speed and advanced far beyond ‘being mindful’ to making actual change.”

Changing trends in the cosmetic industry impact the natural and organic cosmetic sector. According to Cecile Zumbiehl of certification marque NATRUE, these include areas such as clean beauty, conscious and ethical consumerism including vegan formulations, sustainability of raw materials and their sourcing and packaging.

Consumers are always looking for new ‘green’ alternatives. “The principal product categories for natural and organic cosmetics continue to be leave-on products such as face and body creams, lip balms, colour cosmetics such as lipsticks, and rinse-off products like shampoos and shower gels,” she says. “In terms of claims driving new trends, anti-pollution has recently become one to look out for.”

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