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Planning ahead for Organic September

Soil Association Certification and the Organic Trade Board (OTB) have again collaborated for a month-long celebration of everything organic to reach as many as possible and engage record numbers of brands and retailers.

Organic September provides a vital opportunity to raise awareness of the benefits of organic, as well as highlighting the incredible efforts organic brands and businesses make to safeguard the planet. In fact, the statement ‘it’s what the planet would choose’ will feature strongly in this year’s messaging.

The pandemic has shifted the way we view the world around us. In the wake of the first lockdown in the UK, people looked for assurances about the provenance and quality of their food and drink, as well as becoming increasingly mindful about the wider implications of their buying decisions.

The organic market is now worth £2.79bn and in 2020 the organic food market grew by 12.5% – significantly higher than non-organic at 8.9% – and has only dropped back to 9.4% in the latest figures from NielsenIQ Scantrack as we return to some degree of normality. Meanwhile, non-organic sales have dropped back to 5.6% growth, a strong indication that shoppers are sticking to their lockdown choices.

As part of an overarching PR plan to show shoppers how their choices really can make a difference to the planet, there will be an exhibition launched in London that focuses on the plight of British insect species at risk of extinction within the next decade. The exhibition will highlight the widespread use of pesticides which combined with other factors has led to the dramatic decline of the UK’s insect species in recent decades. Spokesperson for the campaign is Megan McCubbin, English zoologist, conservationist and wildlife presenter.

The campaign will see a range of resources available to all brands, producers and retailers alike, with digital toolkits and online content playing a central role.

For independent retailers, alongside new point of sale, there will be certified organic cotton tote bags to give away on Organic September Saturday, which lands on the first weekend of the campaign.

Helpful activities include:

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