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Can technology help you to organise your staff better?

The retail sector is in the middle of a revolution powered by digital technology. In today’s landscape, retail businesses need to be fast, efficient and agile in every department, so increasingly they are turning to smart tech solutions to achieve this in their everyday operations.

To this extent, retailers are increasingly looking at ways to improve productivity and improve customer service, and one area which offers the greatest opportunities for improvement is in the area of Workforce Management (WFM) – specifically intelligent staff scheduling and accurate budgeting. And it’s not only the large multi-store outlets who could prosper from casting an eye in this direction. High labour costs, patchy customer service and alienated, out-of-touch employees are the bane of many businesses, large or small.

Breaking away from the traditional ‘spreadsheet taped to the back of the staff-room door’ type of scheduling can be painful, but embracing a more savvy, data-driven approach can go a long way to alleviating some of the cost pressures felt by today’s retailers.

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