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Sales & Marketing – So you want to talk to the press

Seven things you need to know about journalists

Journalists face many frustrations in their working lives, which can affect the way they work with PR and communication professionals – or an independent retailer just trying to get their message across.

Earlier this year, the PR and marketing platform surveyed more than 2,000 journalists in nine countries and found seven key facts that could help you to better understand your press contacts.

Here are the seven things you need to know in order to work well with journalists:

1. Journalists never have enough time
The biggest frustration facing today’s journalists is a lack of time. Almost half of the respondents to the Mynewsdesk survey said that time pressures are their biggest frustration. Publications want to get news out as quickly as possible, which means that journalists have to work fast. Therefore, you need to be ready to respond rapidly to journalists' questions and requests for more information.

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