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Store location: North Wales
Enquiry: Eco-friendly clothing essentials

Continuing the New Natural Business ‘must see’ Secret Shopper exercise in which we find the best online shopping experience among independent retailers. Our number one rule in our eagle-eyed search is that the online shops we visit must be backed by a physical store. The pandemic changed shopping patterns for many customers so we’ve been focusing on stores that have stepped up and welcomed them online...

First impressions

I find this store through an online search. The website design seems quite simple, in muted colours. The layout doesn’t always quite work on smaller screens but not enough to stop me browsing.

I easily find lots of information on the physical shop, including opening hours, how to find them, contact details and history. There seems to be much less focus on the online shop. The website usefully includes information in both Welsh and English, reflecting the shop’s location.

Verdict 8/10

Website layout

Featured products are shown on the homepage, but I find it tricky to browse the online shop by product category – it feels like some products are hidden away.

Luckily the product search feature works well and quickly – using that I easily find a good choice of eco-friendly clothing essentials.

The online shop includes supplements, bodycare and clothing, plus some food and drink products. The online choice of food and drink seems quite limited, but it looks like they have lots more available in their physical shop.

Verdict 7/10

Personal attention

I don’t spot any additional content such as a blog or recipes on their website, or any way to sign up for email newsletters.

However, I notice that they have regularly updated social media content in both Welsh and English. Contact details for the shop are also shown clearly across their website.

Verdict 7/10

Check out

Checkout is very smooth and straightforward. Delivery options and charges are shown clearly, as are T&Cs. I can also easily see how to update any details – from my basket to my delivery choices – throughout the process.

The dispatch and delivery of my order is very quick, with email updates to keep me informed of progress.

My order is packed simply but safely, just with a dispatch note.

Verdict 9/10

Overall impression

Although I find this online shop sometimes a bit tricky to navigate, I’m impressed by the efficient processing of my order.

I would also love to visit their physical shop if I’m in the area to see what that has to offer.

Verdict 8/10

Total marks 39/50

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The Awards are run in conjunction with the Health Food Institute and reward excellence in independent health store retailing. The winner is selected from the stores visited by the New Natural Business secret shoppers throughout the year.