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Social media – 7 top tips for success

Sarah Orecchia is Founder of UnBEElievable Health

Where is everyone? On their PHONE! Is your business there? Social media marketing has been delivering great results for years, but during these times it has really taken off.

Here’s the great thing about it – social media is FUN! It’s a great way to increase your fan base as well as sales while connecting with your customers in a casual, close and human way.

People are nosey. They like to know who is behind a business or brand. It increases likeability. If a customer can identify with you, they are more likely to reward you with customer loyalty.

Here are my seven top tips for success:

A few years ago, a wellness influencer/marketer we sometimes work with took me aside and told me quite frankly that some of our photos were ‘verging on tragic’. She explained that many people will unfollow if images are blurry, or poorly lit, or happen to be a close up shot of a brown stew. We at least weren’t posting stew shots, but we deleted a bunch of posts and began to think more carefully and creatively.

Social media can be time consuming and it’s important to not get sucked into a rabbit hole. Set a timer and plan out chunks in the day. When you’ve got 10 minutes to fill, social media is a great way to fill an hour! Avoid the Explore feed. Next thing you know it’s 2am and you’ve just discovered how to make colourful natural hair extensions from food dye and raffia. Keep hold of the reins.

Always use relevant ones and try to include country specific ones as well. Example: #ukbloggers #bestofbritish #irishbrand #UKsmallbusiness. You can add up to 30 in your post or comments on Instagram. You can also add them on Twitter (more than a few looks silly) and Facebook. Avoid general words as hashtags: ‘This #new #brand of gluten free #biscuits are #fab!’. NO!

Go to health trade accounts and associations and businesses similar to yours and see who they follow, and follow some of the same people if they look relevant.

Spend time replying to comments people leave on your posts and also comment on others’ posts – their followers may see your comments and sneak over to check you out, and people often return the love by liking and commenting on your posts in return.

These can be more casual: a jog with your dog, polls, questions and short videos are all fun. Also, engage with other people’s stories!

Try not to do too much ‘selling’. Share info, and even product and services news and discounts but ease into it. Start it off with something more creative. A story, a quote, or some useful knowledge. Content is KEY. Too much overt pushing of your own business will lead to losing likers and followers. It’s crucial to provide something of value.

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