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Staff training prices slashed

Ray Hill
Founder and Secretary of the Health Food Institute

With ever-rising costs across the nation the Health Food Institute (HFI) has suffered along with everyone else, other than those suppling the basic fuels we all need to survive. How this burden has been allowed to be put on the public and that the fuel companies can make vast profits from it, is beyond comprehension.

The fuel crisis has obviously placed a huge burden on the manufacturing industry. Hence the additional cost of practically all commodities, not least food which of course hits health food retailers and their customers, both having witnessed some significant price increases.

A few are actually doubling their original price. Is it any wonder we are losing customers, or that the diehard health fooders’ shopping baskets are lighter?

The impact this has had and is having in the coffers of the HFI is a thought to be avoided as we prepare for 2023 and look at life in health food retailing in a new light.

We have a health food training product that is unique. It had, until fuel costs and inflation took its toll, a steady influx of students. It’s not surprising that retailers during difficult times put training on the back burner. After all, there have been other more urgent priorities – keeping the lights on, ensuring there is money available to meet increasing costs of products and, just as important, staff salaries.

Now for the good news. The HFI is REDUCING the cost of health food retailing courses from £195 down to £80 for Part One while Part Two down from £350 to £175. This is available immediately and will continue for at least three months depending on the uptake.

If you are a retailer who has never given a thought to external training of those of your staff who might qualify, this is your chance to test us at a very reasonable cost. You will realise how much it does for your business as the information learned and confidently passed on to your customers puts money in the till and adds customer loyalty to your business.

It also builds staff loyalty when they see you are prepared to invest in them, helping their career prospects.

Our second venture for 2023 is working with the Sample Box Scheme, providing products from suppliers to health food stores with a four-times-a-year opportunity to receive a variety of products and product information for you and your staff to see and try, thereby adding to the knowledge resulting from staff training.

This being made available to those stores who have used the HFI training in the past, present and, hopefully, well into the future.

Two opportunities to help you build and recover your business in what has been one of the most difficult times health food retailers have experienced for decades.

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