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Unleash the power of social media

You have an online store and several social media platforms, but the job has just begun. Steve Olenski offers a helping hand.

The numbers are staggering, especially among Millennials. Social media is for more than a “look where I am today” toy and is now the tool of choice for millions of shoppers.

With so many health food stores engaging – or trying to – with their customers near and far with an online shop to increase sales, you need to have a strategy to market both online sales and customer footfall in your premises. Get this right and the former will outstrip the latter by a huge factor.

It’s far more than generating interest in what you do. You are building a brand with the goal of increasing conversions, encouraging referrals and producing repeat business. These customers use internet search and social media to research the products they need or want and make their buying choices.

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