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In this issue - Summer 2020

What is the new normal for health food retailing?

Most health stores stayed open during lockdown as essential retailers and many reduced their opening times. Customer ‘count’ may have been down during lockdown, but customer ‘spend’ increased dramatically for many.

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Shopping Trends: Organic, ethical, healthy and local

How the pandemic is creating more conscious consumers

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Health Trends: What's in demand?

The decision to make health food stores ‘essential retailers’ during lockdown was the right one

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Interview: Retail has changed – perhaps forever

We pin down retail analyst Richard Hyman to discuss the long-term effects of the pandemic on the retail industry

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Secret Shopper in lockdown

Not surprisingly, our secret shopper was forced during lockdown to find her favourite health food online and was pleasantly surprised how easy this store made her virtual shopping trip.

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Editorial: Confused? don't be

Probably the only good thing about a global crisis like Covid-19 is that it makes us change our lives for the better.

Lockdown gave us all time to reflect and think. Do we want to live in a world of fear and could we not learn to look after one another better?

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Increase Gross Margin: 3 reasons to expand online

How to grow your online sales when you’re used to selling offline

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Selling Online: How to join the online revolution

You don’t need us to tell you that shoppers have clicked in their droves to buy online. And post-lockdown, many of them will carry on regardless.

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Online Shopping: What you need to sell online

It’s easy to be daunted by the sheer scale of trying to sell your vast range of products through an online shop.

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Online Services: Click & collect

Why ‘buy online, collect in-store’ is a golden opportunity for New Normal health stores

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Social Media: Adapting for the future

Lockdown changed the face of retailing in the UK. Long term effects are yet to become clear but undoubtedly maintaining customer loyalty without an online presence will become harder.

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Editorial: Why are we doing this?

It’s been difficult to stay focused on providing business advice while the whole world is rocked by such a devastating transformation.

What can we say when economy, health and infrastructure are turned inside out and shaken to the core? Indeed, life has changed for everyone, certainly in the short and medium term.

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