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More health stores than ever are discovering the value of Facebook for Business

Whether you’re a beginner or you reckon you’re a dab hand at social media, the obvious place to start is

Attracting local people is vital for the ultimate success of any independent health food store. You know that many of your potential customers are on Facebook or at least using search tools to discover businesses like yours.

Facebook’s tools for business enable you to more easily connect online with local customers and present a caring, knowledgeable face that the multiples cannot match.

Here are four key tools for you to use:

1. Your local page
If you haven’t already, set up your Facebook page with all of your local information – who and where you are, address, phone and website, and the products and services you offer. This gives your store an online presence and a way to engage with people who ‘like’ your business. Keeping it up-to-date with accurate information is important.

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