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Magazine Articles – Autumn 2016

Cover Story: Forward thinking

Our world in 20 years' time

Sir Richard Branson has a habit of writing letters to himself at different ages. Recently his children, Holly and Sam, challenged him to write a letter to himself 20 years hence, at 85. ‘Here’s my very optimistic letter to 85-year-old me,’ he says.

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Retail Focus - How to sell: organic

There has been a trend over the past few years in customers wanting cleaner, more natural, nutrient-rich foods as they are becoming more concerned about their health and vitality. Organic sales are growing; it is a very important factor of consideration when people are choosing their life-enhancing products because they want foods and skin care as free from harmful chemicals as possible.

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Retail Focus - How to sell: immune system

We recommend well-known immune supplements such as Echinacea, Elderberry, Vitamin C and Zinc, but we always emphasise the importance of Vitamin D. Our customers are becoming more educated and we find more people are wanting better health in general and to prevent illness. Therefore, they are more open to our advice and suggestions.

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Sales & Marketing - Developing customer loyalty

For the independent health food retailer, sales and marketing opportunities are present in every area of day-to-day business. The benefit you have over your chain-store rivals is individuality: as an independent retailer, you’re not confined to pages and pages of brand guidelines and layout rules dictated by managers from head office who’ve never visited your store.

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Online & Social Media - Communicating with customers

Your checklist for great social media success.

It may seem obvious, but setting up social media accounts for your store is right up there in these days of modern retailing.

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Customer Care - True value for money

To succeed in modern retail and remain a key challenger against competitors, retailers need to be prioritising their customer-centric marketing alongside their data-centric business strategy.

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Business Development: Archie Browns, Cornwall

Staff training is a cornerstone in the success of Archie Browns health stores and cafés in Penzance and Truro.

It all began with a tiny café in Penzance and today is a thriving business employing 50 well educated staff.

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Business Development - Does Brexit herald a golden age for natural health?

We voted to leave. Remainers feared the end of the world. The reality is plenty of positive news for trade and retail – and hopefully for VMS deregulation.

According to Consumers for Health Choice, our industry’s tireless lobbyist organisation, we’re going to (gradually) discover what Brexit will mean for the vitamins, minerals and supplements sector.

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Retail Services - Dealing with cyber attacks

Selling online? Robert Capps, VP Business Development at NuData Security puts himself in the consumer’s shoes to look at the risks of fraud, and explains how entity linking may have fraudsters on the run.

While we can all agree that it’s good to see growth in the economy, lower prices and improving consumer confidence (especially following Brexit), we always look at this kind of progress with mixed feelings.

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