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In this issue - Autumn 2020

Better Retailing articles

Case Study: A tale of two stores

With one store in a city centre and the other in a suburb, Gary Trickett is well placed to compare the effects of the COVID-19 crisis.

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Customer Experience: Retailing through change

Dazed and confused? We all were. But out of crisis, a new understanding of what retailing stands for has emerged.

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Increase Gross Margin: Growing profit in difficult times

In this period of extreme uncertainty, where customer footfall is down and many retailers are struggling to adapt to the new normal, it is important that every business is focused on growing their bottom line wherever possible in order to maintain maximum flexibility and financial security.

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Market Watch: Fatigue, anxiety & sleep

COVID-19 has heightened fatigue and stress problems. You know you can help.

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Secret Shopper in lockdown

Continuing our search for health stores that can supply products online, begun during lockdown and extending throughout the pandemic crisis and beyond. Here, our secret shopper finds several pros and cons.

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Editorial: Gently does it

These days we meet online, we chat online and, in increasing numbers, shop online.

And in the world of retailing, we are witnessing a seismic change that has actually been a long time coming.

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Retailing Better Online articles

Selling Online: Small steps in online journey

How Wild Oats in Bristol has gone about launching an eCommerce site to meet the expectations of its loyal customers.

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E-commerce Solutions: Here's how

Three steps to launching your e-commerce site

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E-commerce Solutions: E-commerce sites compared

Guidance for retailers planning their online store

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Selling Online: Your guide to Facebook shops

Setting up your Facebook Shop to attract sales is the next step on your online shopping journey. So where do you start?

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Editorial: Shopping has changed, have you?

Online shopping became so prevalent in the UK during lockdown that a quarter of Brits admit to being “practically addicted” to it.

Independent natural health and organic retailers have been, until now, slow to embrace e-commerce due to a traditionally loyal and local physical customer base.

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